Essay On The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials started in the spring of 1692 after a group of girls claimed to be possessed by the Devil. While claiming this, the girls accused several other citizens of Witchcraft. This caused a sudden huge amount of hysteria to spread quickly throughout the colonies. As the mass hysteria spread, a special court was proposed for the Witches’ trials. The first victim that was accused of Witchcraft was a woman who goes by the name Bridget Bishop. In relation, after Bridget was hung, there were a hundred-fifty others accused of Witchcraft, but only eighteen people out of the hundred-fifty had a trial and were sooner than later hung for their “crimes.”
The hysteria seemed to only spread as the days
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First, is that the convicted Witches were burned. Generally, Witches from the French colonies burned alive on a stake for the whole colony to see, while English Witches were hanged. The Southern Americans are, supposedly, the ones to blame about this myth because they reinforced the burning-at-the-stake fiction in the nineteenth century, however, the truth is all the witches in Salem were hanged. Myth number two, the victims were all women. If people gave the time to research this topic, they would clearly read that there plenty of men that were accused of Witchcraft, trialed, and executed. On to myth number three. The panic only took place in Salem. As written above, if people took the time to research this particular topic, they would read about the other colonies having the same trouble as Salem. The panic began in Salem, but spread to twenty-four other colonies. Myth number four, superstition was the driving force. The idea of Witches and Witchcraft came directly from the Bible. Myth number five, Ergot poisoning was to blame for the Witch trials. In fact, a supply of contaminated rye introduced Salem to Ergot poisoning. As the main result of Ergot poisoning, should anyone not no of the symptoms, are violent convulsions and terrible

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