Salem Witch Trials and True Essence Essay

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Crucible Essay Throughout the novel The Crucible, Arthur Miller describes how being put thought the Salem witch trials of 1692 brought out the true essence of various characters. Arthur Miller shows that the various victims who were put through trials would confess to save themselves and also the difficulties they had to face during their trial period. Characters like John Proctor, Giles Corey, and Reverend Hale were put through different kinds of trials each different from the others. Each of these trials brings out the true essence of the characters and how the characters have changed since the beginning of the play. Through the plays actions and dialogue, Miller suggests that sacrifices may be necessary to restore the social …show more content…
Proctor stops thinking about himself, and starts helping others families instead of trying to save himself. Proctor later confesses to adultery with Abigail in order to save Elizabeth, but ends up dooming himself in the process. Proctor just wanted to have Elizabeth’s forgiveness and have her pay more attention to Proctor. John Proctor is a dynamic character because the trial he goes through shows his true essence. Giles Corey the husband of Martha Corey is another character who is brought into a trial in which at the end shows Giles true essence. At first Giles is a very comical character and talkative. Before Giles even enters Paris’s room Rebecca Nurse tells Giles to keep quiet and to not say a word. This shows that he is supposedly talkative because he is told to not talk before Giles enters. When Reverend Hale comes to Salem, Giles tells Hale that his wife was readings book and that he couldn’t pray and when she put them away Giles could pray again. This caused Martha Corey to be arrested of witchcraft and to be put in trial, Giles later regrets mentioning that Martha was reading books since she is sentenced to hang for it, because she didn’t confess to witchery. Giles regrets saying this because Martha hangs and said Martha was reading books and didn’t necessarily mean witchery. When in court he tells Danforth that Giles heard from someone that Putnam’s are trying to

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