Salem And The United States Essay

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Societies tend to acclimate well to changes that are gradual or singular. In certain cases, however, dramatic or multiple simultaneous changes often hold great influence over many a people, whether they promote alterations in social, political, or overall cultural aspects of life. One such society that underwent dramatic change was the Puritanistic Salem, Massachusetts. A society’s actions are combustible when imposed by factors that bring about unwanted differences. A comparative society to Salem was the United States in the 1950s, when fear of Communism possessed numerous Americans and compelled them to violently lash out against innocent people. Like the United States in the mid-twentieth century, Salem is renowned for handling change very poorly. The Puritans accused fellow neighbors of practicing witchcraft, held trials, and presided over executions. Encumbered by imposing religious beliefs, calamitous local conflicts, rigid social standards, and violent encounters with Native Americans, Salem experienced a change-induced witch hysteria that ignited Massachusetts with a brief, but impactful flame in the late seventeenth-century.

Salem was built upon the austere principles of Puritanism, a branch of Protestantism that closely mirrored Calvinist beliefs. The Puritans had left England in order to settle in a place where they could freely practice their religion. Rigidity and order in their society were the ideal. They believed that God had predetermined who…

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