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Saint Teresa of Calcutta was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia. As a young girl, she lived a pious yet stressful life. At the age of five, she received her First Communion and was in 1916 was confirmed. Unfortunately, she suffered her father's death at the age of eight, striking a financial crisis for the Bojaxhiu family. As she became older, she was associated with the Sacred Heart community as well as joined the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland. However, a remarkable journey to Calcutta sparked her life of service. She began to teach, and later became principal, in an all girls' high school in the impoverished parts of Calcutta. Nevertheless, Christ played a significant part in her early life. Agnes became a nun, experienced "a call within a call," and decided to work directly with the poor.
As an adult, Saint Teresa accomplished a variety of missions. For example, she "took intensive medical training with the American Medical Missionary Sisters in Patna, India." Moreover, she created the group known as, Missionaries of Charity, a religious community. As a result, she visited a variety of countries when
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She was greatly respected by those in need whom she dearly loved. Her humbleness and actions of charity stood out greatly through her actions of service and care. In addition, I truly admire her ability, that no matter the circumstance, she shows love and kindness towards others in the worst of situations. She has a great sense of sympathy as well as empathy. Moreover, Saint Teresa was able to connect and relate to these people due to her own personal experience as a child. As a result, the adults and children idolize her in impacting their lives undoubtedly. To conclude, I believe the most interesting and fascinating feature of Saint Teresa of Calcutta is how she began with no religious foundation and due to certain events, she had confidence in God and began her journey as a

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