Essay Sacred Places And Profane Spaces

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For religions human beings space is non homogeneous. This means that there are sacred places that hold more significance than others. There are more defined spaces that are broken up. That is there are sacred places and profane spaces. While a profane human being would not encounter a break between a sacred space and profrane space. They would only have profane space. This discovery of a sacred place leads to a center point, an almost creation of a new world. The fixed point allows for a religiously oriented human being to return to a point in time. It is a central axis for all future returns.

Religion is a part of the human mental and emotional make up. It is said to be the foundation of society. Historical people used to believe in many gods and goddess. They protected the hearth or doorways. It was a for people to understand and explain the unknown. Why was there a drought? Because a certain god was angry. It providing an understand and made the world a little less scary.

Religion has evolved over the centuries but it could still be seen as a way to cope or try to understand what is wrong in the world. It allows people to offer their problems to something greater than themselves. It is also a way for a person to become connected to people and something that is greater than themselves. They may believe it is a way to contribute and put something good out into the world. It helps people to connect with something beyond this world. It also provides hope. Religion gives…

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