SB Photography Case Study

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My business is called SB Photography. Which stands for my name Sarah Brooks and the business will be all about taking professional pictures for people. My business will be centrally located in Blanchard, Oklahoma and I will run it from my home there. Though I will be traveling quite a bit to different locations to get the best pictures for different occasions or if a client has a specific location they would like to take the images at. But at my central location I will use it to edit the images for clients and it will also serve as a meeting place to meet clients. As they may want to discuss pricing and locations for the type of shoot they are wanting. My business is a well-rounded photography business. I will take pictures for many different occasions, such as senior year, engagement, wedding, couple and family pictures to name a few. I will even take animal portraits if asked for. In general, it is a photography business with me being the photographer, who takes pictures for clients to try to capture their special occasions. …show more content…
I chose this product, because I genuinely enjoy taking pictures and it is a fairly profitable business with many perks. These perks include setting my own schedule and being able to interact with people to capture important milestones in their lives, so they may have these images for a very long time. It is a very fulfilling job to be able to be a part of a person’s most important steps in life. The business also requires not many inputs, as the ratio of outputs outweighs the amount of inputs. Thus making it a profitable and an attainable business. The greatest input that will go into this business is the labor that I will put into traveling to the shoots to take images and then editing the images for the final product to present to the

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