Rwand A Small Landlocked Country Essay

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Rwanda is a small landlocked country in East Africa, with a population of about 11 million, Rwanda was one of the last countries to be infiltrated by European contact. Rwanda has been showing signs of rapid economic development. Internationally many countries are concerned with Rwanda’s declining human rights. Rwanda is an amazing country that has been able to renew and rebuild its economy. There were three peoples in Rwanda Twa, Hutu, and Tutsi. The Twa preferred hunting and gathering and later gave way to the Hutu people, who were agriculturalists who lived in clans. A group within the Hutu were known as the Bahinza, who were rulers that people believed could control rain, harvest, and offer protection to cattle and crops. In the 14th century Tutsi people began to enter the area of Rwanda; their invasion was slow and mostly peaceful. The Tutsi people were known as tall cattle-rearing people from the upper Nile, already having fixed communities and agriculture. The Tutsi used their advanced combat skills combined with their ownership of cattle to take over the economic, political, and social realities of the Hutu people. The Hutu and Tutsi people created a contract called the ubuhake. It stated that the Hutu people could use Tutsi cattle in exchange for military service. Leading the Hutu-Tutsi people into a client-patron society. The Tutsi class were mostly herdsmen while the Hutu class made their living by farming. Before colonization Rwanda existed as a centralized…

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