Ruth Handler's Poem Essay: The Barbie Anomaly

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The Barbie Anomaly

The success of Barbie as a meme in owed to her creator Ruth Handler. She was married to the co-owner of renowned toy company Mattel, and avid in the business and brought many ideas of success to her husband’s desk. Her greatest idea began when she saw her daughter Barbara playing with a paper doll. She decided that a three-dimensional plastic doll with an adult body would much more enjoyable for kids. Her idea was put on hold, though, because her husband and his partner believed no parents would buy that kind of doll for their kid. Even after her idea was thrown out she didn’t forget it all together.
As Ruth Handler was having a vacation with her family in Europe she came across a doll that she believed could be morphed
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Beauty is one of the most sought out traits in this country. Everywhere you go there are signs of beautiful people, or commercials. Females, and males will run into the question constantly of how I can become this attractive. Barbie emulates the same thing only to a younger crowd. The little girl who is not as petite as the impossible measurements of Barbie will have a problem she may never be able to overcome. Society today needs to make it known that everyone is beautiful in their own way. We need to stop treating our definition of beauty as this marketing ploy to get people to do and act as some deem fit. What is needed is to take the Barbie out of all the households, throw away her conniving plastic body, and replace her with a mirror so maybe little girls will look at themselves enough and decided that they are truly beautiful. With this and the changing the ways of this lost society we can help so many girls keep a positive self-image and become a beneficial member to our …show more content…
The myth is about a gorgeous young man, who was infatuated with himself. He ended up rejection a nymph named Echo who was in love with him. Due to his distasteful ways the goddess of revenge attracted him to a pool. She made him fall into a deep state of love with his reflection. He never left his sight and eventually withered away and died. Ought of pity he was turned into flowers next to the reflecting pool by the goddess. The myth has similarities and differences to today’s Barbie. Girls are attracted to the reflecting pool because society holds personal appearance important. Instead, girls are not seeing how beautiful they are in the pool, they are trying to make their appearance resemble impossible standards. While trying to achieve their standards they forget what is going on around them, resulting in losing

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