Russian Literature : Russian History Essay

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A genre spread throughout a thousand years of Russian history will obviously

have several different aspects to it. Russian literature can be divided into four different

periods: Old Russian, Imperial, post-Revolutionary, and post-Soviet. Old Russian

literature was created during the development of Russia, changing through the expansion

of Russia under Peter the Great, among other leaders who aimed to westernize Russia.

This period also led to the modern literature of other nations, like Ukraine, as Russia was

composed of several other ethnic groups. Overall, Old Russian literature was a stepping

stone to the great Russian works written observed today. As western culture was

assimilated into the daily lives of Russians, the quality of Russian literature improved

during the Imperial period, although many authors still strove to incorporate Russian

traditions and history into their writing. This period saw the works of many famed and

influential writers, including Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Nikolay

Gogol, and Aleksandr Pushkin, among many others. Contrasting to Imperial literature,

post-Revolutionary Russian literature was extremely stifled, and in many cases, was used

as propaganda in favor of the Communist Party. However, many significant works were

written and illegally circulated throughout, and smuggled from, the nation. Ultimately,

although literature was suppressed during this period, it can be argued that this

suppression encouraged…

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