Russia 's The Russian Revolution Essay

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Russia has seen changes that have profoundly affected itself as a nation and the (modern) world, especially since its revolution, forever marking (world) history. Years of social unrest brought about the Russian revolution. The Russian Revolution, was a sequence of revolutions (in Russia), in 1917, involving an empire’s downfall, resulting in Tsar Nicholas II’s overthrow and the establishing of the communist state, the advancing of Marxian socialism under Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Events of 1905, with a bit more in store, set up the Russian Revolution’s playing field, and the Russian Revolution is split up into the February Revolution and the October Revolution (as follows).
Coming forth from the past, Nicholas II was Russia’s Tsar, but not the most popular or effective one. Nicholas II became Russia’s emperor in 1894. Though (in 1905), he was not well-liked by his subjects, as he lacked the charisma and other desired qualities of a leader. Peasants felt as though the Tsar was not in touch or aware of the realities of their lives-resulting in his political power being unsecure. Russia was losing in the Russo-Japanese War, only adding onto the Tsar’s disapproval from his people. Agricultural stagnation, class warfare, and general unrest spawned countless of Russians to be dissatisfied with their monarchy. In 1905, peasants and industrial workers, including factory working women (working up to twelve hours a day) held demonstrations in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg), Russia’s…

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