Ethical Issues In The Movie Rudy

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Rudy was an American biographical sports movie that was directed by David Anspaugh in 1993 and produced by Robert N. Fried Cary Woods and written by Angelo Pizzo. The movie depicted the file of a young boy by the name Daniel Ruettiger “Rudy.” Daniel Ruettiger had ambitions of playing football for the University of Notre Dame (Velásquez, 2009). This dream was influence by the fathers’ love for football specifically for the university of Notre Dame since he was 15 years; this made Daniel want not only to study at the same university but also to play at the school college team.
In the plot, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger grows up in Illinois in late 1960s
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D-Bob later realized that his friend Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger has had problems with studies for so long and decides to take him for testing where the tests reviled that he had dyslexia and he learns to be a better student after the test. Rudy goes back home during Christmas with an appreciation card but he is mocked and his fiancée taken by one of his brothers (Ruettiger & Dagostino, 2012).
Rudy gets accepted at the Notre Dame university finally after having three rejections in a span of two years. The tells his family and invites the grounds man Mr. fortune to come and watch him play if he gets admitted to the team. Ara Parseghnia the teams coach at that time is convinced by Rudy to be more enthusiastic than the other sponsored students but the assistant coach wars the players that "scholarship" players will not even make the "dress roster", this makes Rudy works harder than before.
The following season, Ara Parseghisn steps down from his role and Dan Dave takes over. Dan retains Rudy in his team but he does not list him as on other active players. When Rudy realized that he was not listed in the dress roaster for a whole season, he quits but Fortune later convinces him to go back to the team (Ruettiger & Dagostino,

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