Rtt1 Task 3 Essay

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RTT1 Task 3
Juanita Mortensen
Western Governors University

RTT1 Task 3

A1. Country comparison The healthcare systems of Switzerland and the United States are quite similar in some aspects and vastly different in others. In Switzerland, the healthcare is universal and available to all. It is provided by private individual insurance companies and subsidized by the government when needed. Basic health insurance is required to be purchased within 3 months of residency or after birth and is an individual’s choice as to what carrier they choose. Of course, there are exceptions to this mandate but they are very few.("Healthcare in Switzerland," “n.d.”, para. 1) Because of this requirement, 99.5% of the population in Switzerland has
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The benefits are determined by how long they have been a resident of Switzerland or another EU state, how long the unemployed applicant has donated to the social insurance, and if there are any children that are being supported at home. In addition, the unemployment has to be from external sources or not the unemployed applicants fault. There also has to be documentation that the claimant is looking for employment.("Switzerland-Social Security and Welfare," “n.d.”, para. 6 & 7). The unemployed in the United States can get healthcare coverage through paying privately for insurance or through the government programs. The amount of health benefits that an applicant is eligible for are dependent on their income and the amount of people that require coverage in the home.("Health coverage options if you’re unemployed," “n.d.”, para. 1 & 2). Another option that is available in the United States and not in Switzerland is to have no health coverage at all.
The health coverage for the retired is quite similar for each country. Switzerland’s retirement reimbursement has different levels and is determined on age, how long the retired individual has been contributing to the state pension which is on a monthly basis, and the average salary that the retiree has made each year.("Switzerland-Retirement," “n.d.”, para. 1-4). In both countries there is the option of purchasing private insurance. In the United States the

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