Rousseau And Rousseau 's Theories Of The State Of Nature Essay

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Jenna Nudo
Philosophy Paper #3
Rousseau vs. Hobbes Hobbes and Rousseau are two philosophers both with a different interpretation of the state of nature for humans. Although they had similar beliefs, Rousseau ultimately disagreed with Hobbes’ way of thinking. Rousseau’s book, “The First and Second Discourses” came a century after Hobbes’ “Leviathan”. Hobbes’ theories consisted of believing that human nature came to be violent but equal naturally. Within his theories, the poorest man can kill the richest man because they are protected by the fact that in Hobbes’ society everyone is considered equal. Everything was very competitive but this all came naturally within each other not by the government or from any other cause for that matter. In “Leviathan”, the bible is something that is quoted on almost every single page, whereas, “The First and Second Discourses” does not quote the bible at all. Rousseau does not necessarily disagree with Hobbes on his theory of state of nature but nonetheless says it was not told in the correct way. This is the main point that I will be discussing throughout this paper. The natural state of man is a theme that differs between Rousseau and Hobbes in the political society. Both Rousseau and Hobbes have been criticized on their work and who is the clear right one, which I believe is Hobbes. Overall, they both have different images for what the political community looks like. Throughout this paper I will be able to discuss the true difference…

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