Rosie The Riveter Thesis

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Rosie the Riveter may sound like a real-life human being to you, but she’s not. Well, not entirely, Rosie the Riveter was more of a promotional figure. That’s all she was ever meant to be, but what started as an image drawn up for government promotional uses took a turn into a historical icon for women in America and all over the world. “...Sunday morning, December 7, 1941…” (“Rosie the Riveter). That date may sound familiar to you whether or not you're a history buff or just someone who paid attention in the 6th grade to realize that the date previously mentioned was the day the United States of America was bombed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbour. This date kick-started America’s journey into World War II and created the era of Rosie the Riveter. This may sound somewhat odd, but Rosie the Riveter owes her creation to the Japanese. If they had not bombed the US, then they would most likely not have joined the war and women would have never joined the workforce (“Rosie the Riveter”). …show more content…
“When the war ended with the Allies victorious, the need for munitions workers abruptly ceased. Women were now forced to leave their jobs and seek others” (“Rosie the Riveter”). Women then realized that they were thought of as temporary replacements, disposable even. Use them when you need them, get rid of them when you don’t. “Unions rarely granted seniority, and as the last hired they were the first fired. In the first two months after the war, the aircraft industry laid off eight thousand workers, the majority of them women” (“Women at Work in the 1940’s”). Recently, though, Rosie has made a comeback being recreated and remembered through books, movies and songs. “While the need for Rosie propaganda may no longer be necessary, her we-can-do-it attitude has left an imprint on history” (Hoyt, 2). She is quite a historical figure and she represents a time of extreme importance. Her symbolism will be remembered for many years to

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