Rosemarie Rizzo Parse 's Work Degree And Doctorate From The University Of Pittsburgh

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Rosemarie Rizzo Parse received her master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. She has been a nursing professor at Hunter College of New York, University of Pittsburgh, and Loyola University of Chicago. Rosemarie Parse is the author of many books and articles. She was also the editor and founder of, Nursing Science Quarterly, and she was also the founder of the Institute of Humanbecoming. (Masters, 2015) According to Current Nursing (2011), in 1981, Rosemarie Parse first published the theory as “Man-living-health”. The name was officially changed to “human becoming” to remove the term “man” after the term changed in the dictionary from its former meaning of “humankind” in 1992. Parse decided to change the name one more time to “Humanbecoming” in 2007, to coincide with her evolution of thought relative to the theory (Masters, 2015). Rosemarie Parse identified four essential ideas that are reflected in the concepts, assumptions and propositions of her theory. These four essential ideas are: the human-universe mutual process, the coconstitution of health, the multidimensional meanings the indivisible human gives to being and becoming and the human’s freedom in each situation to choose alternative ways of becoming. (Masters, 2015) Parse’s theory, humanbecoming, refers to a human being’s living health. The word “become” is used to emphasize the ongoing and changing nature of the process (Masters, 2015). Parse’s humanbecoming theory consists of three major…

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