Rosa Parks And Civil Rights Essay

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Rosa Parks was a very influential woman in fighting for civil rights. Rosa Parks was like any other citizen getting through there day. At that time people were fighting for civil rights. Civil rights are defined as individuals receiving equal treatment and no discrimination. After work Rosa Parks heads to the bus stop to go home. She sat down in a white only seat which caused trouble. The Montgomery city code said that if a white person told a black person to move to a different seat they had to. A white man on December 1,
1955 got on the bus and asked Rosa Parks to move to another seat. Rosa Parks refused to move because she was tired of giving in. The police arrived and arrested her. She was released on bail later that night. She started the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
The local chapter NAACP began forming plans to boycott the Montgomery city buses. On the day of Rosa’s trail African Americans refused to ride the buses in protest. She lost her job and her husband did too over this. Her and her husband moved to Detroit
Michigan. Rosa got a new job as a secretary in U.S. Representative John Conyer’s congressional office. She was also on the board of Planned Parenthood. After Rosa was convicted under city law she got a lawyer. Her lawyer filed a notice of appeal in the state court. Three judges in the U.S. District Court, for the region decided in another case that racial segregation on any public bus was unconstitutional. Many people believe that the

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