Romeo & Juliet Act Iii Study Guide Essay examples

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Romeo and Juliet: Act III Study Guide

Scene 1 1) At the beginning of the scene, Benvolio thinks he and Mercutio should leave. 2) Tybalt hopes to fight with Romeo. 3) Tybalt calls Romeo a villain. 4) Romeo won’t fight Tybalt because they are now family since he married Juliet. 5) Mercutio gets stabbed when Romeo stands in front of him and Tybalt accidentally stabs him under Romeo’s arm. 6) Mercutio keeps repeating “A plague o’ both you houses” because he knows his death was caused by the family feud. 7) Romeo says that Juliet’s love has weakened him and made him effeminate. 8) When Romeo says “O, I am fortune’s fool!” he means everything that happened was because it was his fate. 9) The Prince is so
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2) Capulet tells his wife to tell Juliet that she is going to marry Paris on Thursday. 3) Paris will be marrying Juliet on Thursday.

Scene 5 1) The scene begins at dawn. 2) When Juliet says that the bird singing outside is the night gale and not the lark she means that it is not morning yet. 3) After saying the bird is the night gale, Juliet urges Romeo to leave because it is almost morning and he could get caught. 4) When Romeo is about to go down the rope ladder and leave Juliet, Juliet says that Romeo looks pale, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb. This foreshadows there deaths. 5) Lady Capulet thinks Juliet is crying because of Tybalt’s death, but she is actually crying because Romeo is gone. 6) Lady Capulet threatens to send someone to poison Romeo while he is in Mantua. 7) When Juliet finds out that she is going to have to marry Paris on Thursday she says she will not marry him and that she will rather marry Romeo. 8) Capulet calls her young baggage and a disobedient wretch after Juliet threatens him. 9) Capulet says he will drag Juliet to the church if Juliet refuses to marry Paris. 10) After her dad storms off, Juliet begs her mother to delay the wedding for a month or a week, if not to make the bridal bed where Tybalt lies. 11) Juliet would rather die than marry Paris. 12) The Nurse’s advice to Juliet at the end of the scene is to forget about Romeo. 13) Juliet gets mad

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