Romeo And Juliet Fact Sheet

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Kara Murphy
Mrs. Wilson
Honors Survey of Literature 9
Date February 2017
Significant Quotations
The chorus explains what is happening currently in the play and what will happen in the play to the audience.
Because of the fighting of two families, two lovers commit suicide, but with the death, the fighting was stopped.
The lines indicate that the two lovers were meant to be but die in the end. It also says that their death ends the fighting which is significant for the families because they had been fighting for years.

He is speaking to the two families after the big fight in the street.
If they fight again, someone will die.
This foreshadows a fight later in the story between Romeo and Tybalt and
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Juliet is again speaking to herself about Romeo and him being a Montague
Juliet questions the meaning of a name and the importance behind it. A name does not change a person or his personality.
Romeo and Juliet come from rival families but still end up falling in love, despite their names. It is because of the people they are that they love each other, not the name they were given.

Friar Lawrence
The friar is speaking to himself about the world and the contradictions within it.
Everything holds the potential to be good or bad, it just depends on how it is used to determine the outcome.
Romeo and Juliet’s love has the potential to be turn out well but it does not because, in the end, they both die.

The nurse is telling Juliet about the marriage plans.
Juliet should go to Friar Lawrence’s cell to get married to Romeo.
The marriage between the two lovers later causes conflict when Capulet arranges a marriage between Juliet and Paris, but she does not want to marry him because she loves Romeo.

Friar Lawrence
Friar Lawrence is talking to Romeo and Juliet before their
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Friar Lawrence
Friar Lawrence warns Juliet of the coming watch.
The friar urges Juliet to come with him because the watch is coming and says he cannot stay any longer in fear that the watch will find him.
This shows the friar is always watching out for himself because he leaves without making sure Juliet comes with him, knowing he will get in trouble for everything he did for the two lovers.

Juliet says her last words before killing herself.
Juliet hears the noise of the watch and tells herself to be quick while taking Romeo’s dagger to kill herself.
These are Juliet’s last words, and it also shows the irony of the situation because if she had only woken up a minute earlier, both her and Romeo would have been alive.

Friar Lawrence
The friar says this before telling the whole story between Romeo and Juliet.
The Prince can punish the friar for what he did because he has already condemned and excused himself.
Knowing he cannot come up with excuses for what has happened, the friar decides to tell the whole truth which ends up bringing peace to the two families.

The Prince scolds the families for the two lover’s

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