Romeo And Juliet Act 5 Analysis

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Task 3

A house in Mantua. Romeo enters.

I dreamt that at dawn two days from now I and my lady will be found dead. The visions I have seen show that a great tragedy will arise from our families’ feud and that the streets of Verona will be overflowing with the bodies of the dead.
Balthasar enters.
Balthasar what news from Verona do you bring, has the friar sent a letter? Is my father in good health? How is Juliet?

Juliet is better now than she was when you left Verona, her body rests within the Capulet’s tomb. Forgive me lord for bringing you this bad news on such a fine day.

Fate has struck me down yet again!

Sir, please sit, you do not look well.

I am unable to rest as Juliet lies dead, I must travel to Verona immediately! Bring the horses Balthasar and I
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Juliet stabs herself.

Balthasar exits.

Act 5, Scene 5
Prince, Soldier, Friar Lawrence and Balthasar enter.

My Prince, we have found many nobles and peasants alike who are dead. The lords and ladies of both the Montague and Capulet families have been found dead along with the rather surprising revelation that Romeo died near the Capulet tomb and Juliet also passed for a second time.

Are any of you here aware of why Romeo and Juliet where found dead near the Capulet tomb.

I am aware of the circumstances of their deaths my lord. Romeo informed me that we were to make haste to the Capulet tomb where he was to rescue Juliet who had previously been found dead. As we attempted the rescue a number of peasants attacked and Romeo fought them bravely until his death. Juliet upon seeing Romeo dead decided to take her own life and soon after I fled.

Why is it that Romeo went to rescue one of his enemies?

They were lovers who married shortly before the death of Mercutio.

Is anyone present aware of why Juliet was found dead twice?


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