Romantic Comedy : Erotic Irony Essay

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Romantic Comedy Erotic Irony
A jocular aspect makes them serious instead of funny. Yet, the drama in these films is drawn from an intense philosophical background. Woody Allen embarks on a journey to laugh at our most intrinsic irrationalities. Sometimes, the viewer can conclude is that Allen is telling the history of our stupidity. Thus, erotic irony is a fusion between desire and lust. The impulse to solve a problem, which disturbs the protagonist, urges the need to find a solution. In the two examples below the protagonists want to fill up an empty a gap. Professor Lucas wants happiness. Meanwhile, Sondra Pransky wants professional advancement; they both seek desire. On the other hand, lust is represented in the rational excesses the protagonists commit. For example, Professor Lucas murders another professor to experience the satisfaction of killing and Sondra Pransky defends a criminal when he becomes her boyfriend.
An Irrational Man debates the rationality behind love affair. In other words, the director tries to argue the validity of emotion such as true love. For many people true love means being together without any disregard to the other: being someone’s half.
Furthermore, this movie shows the cynical side of love. In this case, the protagonist Joaquin Phoenix [Professor Abe Lucas] represent a quintessential example of a womanizer: A man driven by…

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