Greek Women Vs Roman Women Essay

The line of treatment between men and women in the ancient world had never been blurred. Viewed almost worse than the respective treatment of men and women was the distinct differences that women faced within diverse cultures. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman women were given little to no rights, but these rights differed based on where a particular woman had been raised. Contrasting the safe guards for women in their own nations is how I plan to structure the continuation of the essay. Worth noting is the almost liberal views that the Egyptians held for their women. An astonishing amount of equal treatment was given to women of all social classes. While the rights of a royal Egyptian woman towered over the lower class women, these women were …show more content…
Nevertheless it is written; “men seemed to have valued their wives on a personal level.” Roman history shows that myths often included women who had honorable values. The significance placed on women with their virginity intact was apparent not only in Rome, but other early societies as well. As stated previously, women in Rome were not limited to household life for the rest of their time after marriage. It was not common for Roman women to have a job typical of a man, but on the occasion a woman could have a job as “teachers, artists, and physicians.” Yet this was very rare. Some women or slaves were able to work as wet nurses, but this fad lost its popularity once it was believed that milk from a woman not the patriarch’s wife could breed insufficient children.
Women were used and abused throughout the centuries of history preceding ours. Nevertheless it was common for a woman raised in Egypt to create a name for herself as the great Queen Hatshepsut did. A woman raised in Athens received the highest amount of subjugation based solely on her gender, only being considered a piece of property. Lastly, a woman in Rome was cherished by her husband, even if her rights did not always accompany that love. The saddest fact found as seen in this step back through time was women did not receive the same treatment that men lavished in and would not for centuries after their lives had

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