Roman Mythology Essay

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Roman Mythology

The ancient Greek and ancient Roman religion was the belief in gods.
They had similar beliefs, but also vast differences. They came from each other and gave their people a form of morality. It was composed of many meaningful gods and goddesses that all played a part in the everyday life of the average
Roman and Greek person of that time. They believed in something called polytheism. It is the belief of many gods; each given a personality, function, relationship to each other through family, and to be the subject of many myths and legends that were to be told for many of years to come. They were to become the basis for a religion that would last for hundreds of years and would yield thousands of followers to believe
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(www. hunt) Vulcan was the god of fire and was recommended by the other gods to also prevent fires. He was ugly and lame and married to the ever pretty goddess
Venus, but she was unfaithful and involved in many affairs. He was married to
Venus only because she felt sorry for his ugliness. (Grolier) In Greek mythology he was the god of fire and forge and was the smith and armorer of the gods. He used volcanoes to produce his weapons and armor. He is also the god of smiths and weavers. He is also married to Aphrodite. He is still ugly and lame, but is the kindest and the peace lover of the group. There are many rumors to his lameness. He was either flung from Mount Olympus because Hera was upset with his ugliness and broke his legs as he fell into the sea or he was flung off the mountain as he took Hera's side in an argument with Zeus. (www. hunt) Janus was the god that was not represented in Greek mythology. He was the god of entrances, coming and going, doorways, bridges, ferries, harbors, and boundaries. Janus was also the doorkeeper of heaven. He was said to be the supreme god, but was later said to be second to Jupiter. In Greek mythology
Poseidon was second in charge. He was asked for blessings before the beginning of the day, month, week, and year. He was said to of have two faces that faced each way to see the coming

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