Role of Wto in Protecting Ipr Essay

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A Paper on Role of World Trade Organization in Protecting Intellectual Property Rights


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Now a days protection of Intellectual Property Rights has become a very essential aspect for every country because so many Intellectual Properties are of national interest. Copyright, patents, trademarks, designs and even natural resources contains national importance. TRIPS enforces a powerful mechanism for protection of Intellectual Property Rights. This paper seeks to provide an introduction to the role played by WTO
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The use of trademarks has turned out to be of high significance in certain consumer goods industries, such as clothing and watches. Similar to trademarks, geographical indications identify a product (e.g., wine or olive oil) with a certain city or region.

Copyright protects original works of authorship. Copyright protection differs from patent protection in that copyright solely protects the expression of an intellectual creation, whereas the ideas or methods advanced in the title can be freely copied. Copyright protection typically lasts for the life of the author plus 50 to 70 years. It is applicable to literary, artistic, and scientific works. During the past decade, copyright protection has also developed as the main form of protection for computer software. Rights related to copyright—often referred to as neighboring rights—are accorded to phonogram producers, performers, and broadcasting organizations. Limits to exclusive copyrights and neighboring rights exist in certain “fair use” exemptions, such as educational or library use or for purposes of criticism and scholarship.

Besides these traditional forms of IPRs, ongoing technological change and the unique characteristics of certain industries and products have led to additional, so-called sui generis forms of protection. Layout designs for integrated circuits protect producers of semiconductors. Protection is limited to the design of an

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