Role of Environment in Personality Development Essay

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Academic Paper on Curriculum Development
Asghar Khan
Nursing Education
Ms. Nasreen Ghani
July 04, 2014.

The subject of Leadership and Management plays a key role in the development of nursing profession all over the world. Nurses’ leaders empower themselves and others to achieve their professional goals. Nursing leaders from all level as a student to the chief executive are in key positions to participate in decision making which ultimately affect the patients’ care and the image of nursing profession. It means that nurses at all level have the opportunity to exhibit their leadership and management skills at practice area and in the educational areas. Although management and leadership can overlap and you must have both sets of
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The contents have been arranged in an organized way. The readers can find continuity, sequence and integration between the contents. Tyler’s model of curriculum has been applied. All the steps of the model have been followed. The Tyler’s model is most closely aligned with the educational purposes of preserving the social order and teaching skills and competencies needed to function effectively in the society. There are various factors which seem to have implications on the course development of leadership and management. These forces and issues are future role of a student as leader and manager in the health care system, the need of health care system, organizational requirements, increasing complexity of structure of health care organization, advancement of technology and the sociocultural aspect of the society. It appears from reading the contents that more focus has been put on the need of health care organizations rather than the students’ objectives.
Internal consistencies is observed leadership and management curriculum developed by Higher Education Commission. The contents chosen are closely linked to each other and there is coherency between all of the contents. Logical sequence can be found between the themes. Equal opportunities have been imparted to all the aims and objectives relating to the curriculum content and its scope and intention.
The themes presented here in the HEC curriculum

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