Sigmund Freud And Erickson Theory

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The psychology of personality is a roadmap to the development of one’s personality. Helping develop these theories have been many great minds whose contributions to this field psychology have given us great insight to the formation of personality, ways we think, behave, and develop from youth. Of these great theorists four stand apart from the pack. These Theorists would be Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Karen Horney, and Erik Erickson. In this paper we will come to a better understanding of each theory, and how it applies to our case study.
Sigmund Freud is the first theorist we will discuss. He is known as the father of psychology. His beliefs concerning personality development are that we form our personality from early child hood experiences.
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If we do feel good about the deeds, we have done we will gain true wisdom. We will feel a wholeness about our lives with will allow us to face our end without any fears or regrets. Now comparing our case study to Erikson’s theory we will find that she will not complete many of these steps without the help of therapy. She was not given encouragement at a young age, so she always felt inferior to everyone else. Her self-esteem was never built up enough to the point that she could successfully pass each one of these stages. If she were to receive help with building back her self- esteem, and developed a support system she could become a fully realized and healthy adult.

In my opinion I feel that each and every one of these theories was valid. Bits and pieces of each one have come to shape and help us understand or mental and psychological development. I think that I mostly agree with Erickson’s theory, because each stage is so indicative of how I felt at those ages. I think anyone would agree that he is a culmination of the other three psychologists mentioned in this study. In saying that you would have to agree with some of the other psychologist’s theories as well. Their contributions to this science will forever stand the test of time, when trying to understand

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