Role Of Travel Environment In Travel And Tourism

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Traditional Package Holiday
It is a tour arranged by tour operators and sold by travel agents. This must consist of accommodation, transport and any other elements including: transfer, excursion, car hire or equipment hire all at one price.

It is classified into two categories: service and non-serviced. Serviced accommodation refers to a place of temporary residence which involves cooking, laundry and ironing and food shopping while non-serviced accommodation provides furnished on a rental basis but does not include provision of meals, bars and shops on the price. There are many types of accommodation in United Kingdom and some of them are: luxury hotels, holiday parks, youth hostels and many more.

There are several modes of transportation including: air (airplane), sea (ferry, ship), rail network, land (coach, bus, taxi) and even self-drive. Most tour operators sell tickets on theses transportations for a cheaper price because they are buying them in bulk.

Other Services:
Package holiday may include any of the following: transfers, services of a rep, car hire, equipment hire and
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These could include the following: initial form completed by the agent; receipt for a deposit or the full cost of the holiday; holiday confirmation invoice; and tickets/vouchers and final travel information documents. It is vital to keep these records for future reference.

Merchandising and Displays These two play a significant role in running a retail business. They are drawing in more and more customers by promoting the different products and services that are offered. It is very essential to change them regularly, as much as possible, to ensure that the customers are freshly informed and provide them with new focal point. These are also good ways of notifying potential customers and old customers to new products, late deals and special offers. The key to this is that they should be eye-catching as well as well written, most especially the displays.

Racking Policies and Preferred

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