Visit To A Midwife Essay

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This seminar paper is written to clarify the tasks of the midwives during maternity. Visits to a gynecologist are very important because of the use of various diagnostic methods that can detect and monitor pregnancy. The duty of a midwife is informing and educating pregnant women about pregnancy, about visits to a gynecologist, caring for her health and the health of the fetus. The role of the midwife is to explain step by step all the important things that may occur during pregnancy and warn the pregnant woman on the things that she should do and should not do in order to avoid harmful consequences for her or her child.

“Midwifery is a health science and health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum
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In pregnancy, metabolism is accelerated and the food menu needs to be composed in the way that allows normal growth and development of the fetus. The diet should be well balanced and diverse, including fresh fruits, cereals and vegetables. Pregnant women should eat several times a day, but in smaller quantities (they should not gain more than 12 kilograms during pregnancy). Her liquid intake should be about 2 liters per day. 5. CONCLUSION

The midwife must be a highly educated person with good communication skills. She must know when a pregnant woman needs to be examined. When the pregnant woman comes to her first examination, the midwife must measure her blood pressure, height, weight and weight gain during pregnancy. The two most commonly used pregnancy detection diagnostic techniques are a transvaginal ultrasound and the abdominal ultrasound. Health care in pregnancy includes educating pregnant woman about her physical activity, eating habits, body care, clothing and footwear and sexual intercourse during

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