Role of Symbolism Essay

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Role of symbolism In the poem, the purpose of symbolism is using an object or reference to describe a deeper meaning to a story. The poem " Music of Spheres" by displayes that how to use symbolism to describe an object with deeper meaning. This poem is written by Jean Follain who was a French author, poet and corporate lawyer. The reason why I selected this poem, is because Jean Follain only used a few sentences to reflect its deep symbolic meaning of this poem. Language makes us human. It helps us to understand our everyday experience and ideas. It will become more powerful by using symbolism instead of the customary language. In the written world, the role of symbolism in the poem is significant. It produces the same feeling as …show more content…
He was disorientated after series of gloomy things. The man's unstable life is exactly like the cylinder that was kicked and off the track. This symbolism in this poem can convey to the reader that he had a rough life, and his life is very intense fluctuations. Again, " which for a few seconds rolled its cold emptiness" has its own symbolic meaning too. The few seconds can be considered his lifetime experience. Our life is short, we either make our life miserable or meaningful. You might never come back and there are plenty of routes to choose and point to the fantastic future. The last two lines are talk about the man’s life fulfilled with hope and good future. Let’s think another why to understand this meaning. Our life seems like was arranged by the God long time ago. Seems like God like to play our life. Occasionally he wants you to happy and wealthy, occasionally he makes your life miserable and indigent. There is always a reason that God wants you to become in a certain time. He is trying to exercise your soul and make you ready for a higher pursuit. In the poem, Jean Follain described that " wobbled for a while and stopped." (Line 7) The cold can finally stop after wobbled for a while. After series of intense fluctuations during his lifetime, he finally reached his turning point in his life. As a result, he snaps out of his sadness and starts to move on. In the last sentence, " under a sky studded with stars" written by Jean Follain.

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