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English 102: Writing About Literature Literary Essay Outline Sample

Prof. K. Delhagen

If you are having trouble with your literary essay, follow this outline. It will provide you with a solid structure for your paper. If you feel you have the basics of the essay under control, go on to the qualities of an excellent literary essay. I. First Paragraph—Introduction A. A broad statement introducing the subject in a general way in one or more sentences (this may be a statement of theme) B. A specific reference to the title and author C. Thesis statement presenting the main idea of the paper in one sentence (should reveal a plan for the paper and a “so what”) II. Second Paragraph—Body (suggestion: follow
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An example or quotation to support your generalization C. Analysis and interpretation of the supporting evidence to show how it supports the generalization in your topic sentence D. Another example or quotation to support your generalization Analysis and discussion of supporting evidence with a connection to the prior example E. Another example or quotation to support your generalization F. Concluding sentence which ties this paragraph to your thesis G. Transition into conclusion Fifth Paragraph—Conclusion A. Thoughtful explanation of the significance of your thesis (answers the "so what?" question) B. Formulate and synthesize connections between ideas C. Connect to the book as a whole/self/world *number of body paragraphs may vary based on assignment and length of paper.

English 102: Writing About Literature Qualities of an Excellent Literary Paper Title
● ● ● ●

Prof. K. Delhagen

brief yet illuminating relevant and connected to topic tone in keeping with the rest of the paper clear and not too wordy

Introduction ● identifies topic ● states thesis ● to the point ● includes a direct reference to title and author ● invites reading ● appropriate tone to purpose Thesis
● ● ● ● ● ●

significant clearly stated and precise limited debatable contains a plan for discussion, all connected to a statement about the topic reasoned and not arbitrary (words like because, as a result, etc. suggest you’re on the right

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