Rock And Roll Influence

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As stated by the legends of the iconic band ACDC, “it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll”. These words serve as a summation of the music that plagued a generation and became more than a new genre of music loved by so many people and hated by even more. The rough and wild world of Rock and Roll music was the pretext for the changes in society that were much needed during the time of its birth and throughout its entire rein of its popularity, spanning from 1951 to the present day. As with any period of evolution and change, Rock and Roll was met with widespread dislike and outrage before the acceptance of the music and culture outweighed the rejection, but contrary to popular belief, rock music was not a just a source of negative influence on its fans and society. In early …show more content…
People began developing all new styles of clothes and looks and started making breakthroughs in media presentations such as music videos to visually depict the songs they shared with the world (McKeen). Rockers became very creative and open minded and created new ways of performing their music on stage by adding pyrotechnics and props to their performances on stage like at any ACDC concert and multiple levels of the stage to stress the band hierarchy from drummers up high in the back and lead vocalists at the front and center of the stage. They made advancements in and music recordings by experimenting with different sounds their different guitars made and added other instruments like pianos, violins, tambourines, or any other instrument they decided to pick up and try to incorporate into the music because artists of this time wanted to be different. This began the evolution of rock from its beginnings with The King to the reign of the Rose (Guns and Roses and the other artists of the 70s-80s) to the artists of the present

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