Rock And Roll : A New Type Of Genre Of Music Essay

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America during the 1950s was introduced to a new type of genre of music, rock and roll, which infiltrated society in either negative or positive way - an issue which is debated by scholars Altschuler and Oakley in Taking Sides. Their positions are controversial, Oakley states and affirms that while rock and roll brought juvenile delinquency up in the American society, it in fact was not a major enough movement to dismantle America’s traditional family. Although on the other hand, Altschuler disagrees with the author, taking on the position that rock and roll ruined morals, and was completely responsible for the dismantling of the American traditional family, sexual and racial customs in the 1950s and 1960s. Rock and roll created a counter movement in USA during the 1960s led by rebellious youth, completely changing American traditional values and ideas for the generations to come. Rock and roll could be seen nonetheless as a dividing force, as most parents disapproved, but at the same time it united the youth, giving them a culture- which they lacked before this time, and a common ground in interest, a nondiscriminatory influence. The sexuality the lyrics embraced, along with the sexuality performers showed, was immoral to many conservatives at the time, including not only parents, but government officials as well. The rebellious nature changed youth’s attitudes toward African Americans subconsciously, embracing their culture- as Rock and roll music was firstly derived by…

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