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CRITICAL RISK ASSESSMENT AND MILESTONE SCHEDULE Serenity Rehabilitation and Living Center offers a full variety of services that is intended to meet both short-term and long-term care needs. This includes rehabilitation services, skilled nursing, nursing home care, and residential care. We offer skilled therapy for rehabilitation, skilled nursing for critical illnesses, and residential care for people that need some assistance while still maintaining extreme levels of individuality. Serenity

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In the case of a minor fire, all personnel in the area subject to smoke inhalation should be evacuated
5. The PIC will attempt to extinguish the fire
6. If the fire is not minor, or is not extinguishable by the PIC, he or she will be responsible for signaling the fire alarm and evacuating the facility.
7. All patients and employees should be evacuated from the building and gather at the designated emergency meeting area.

Bomb Threat Contingency Plan
During Normal Business Hours
1. Immediately call 911 and notify the authorities of the situation.
2. Immediately report the threat to the Team Leader in charge.
3. Notify the building manager so that they are able to contact and notify the other businesses in the building to evacuate.
4. All patients and personnel are to evacuate the premises and gather at the emergency meeting area so that they can be accounted for.
During Weekends, Holiday, or Other Non-Working Hours
1. Immediately call 911 and notify the authorities of the situation.
2. Notify the building manager so that they are able to contact and notify the other businesses in the building to evacuate.
3. Any patients, family members, and all personnel are to evacuate the premises and gather at the emergency meeting area so that they can be accounted for.

In the event of a flood or a blizzard, Serenity has a contingency plan to guide an entire facility evacuation to an alternative care site, if it is
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