Essay on Risk Analysis : Risks And Measure Their Strength

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C Analyze risks
Identifying the mechanism that deal with the recognized risks and measure their strength. Based on this assessment, considering the risks in terms of possibility and significance, and the present risk level.
Risk analysis is the procedure of defining and analyzing the threats to personals, organization and government agencies posed by potential natural or human-caused adverse events. A risk analysis aids to integrate security program with the company 's goals and requirements. It also helps the company to assign a suitable budget for an effective security program and its components. After a company recognizes the significance of assets and the likely threats to be exposed, it can make good decisions on the amount of effort and money to spend.
Risk analysis that is a one of the important tool for managing the risk, is used for identifying possible weaknesses and threats, and measuring the probable loss, and accordingly decide where to implement security safeguards or countermeasures. Risk analysis is used to ensure that how much cost effective a security is, relevant, timely and responsive to threats. Security is a complex task, even for experienced security experts, and it is not easy to apply too much security, because for any organization business is more important than providing security to its system. Risk analysis aids to prioritize and categorizes their risks to companies and helps to decide the effort and money that should be spent to defending…

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