Rising Power Of China Essay

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Over the past few decades, many people believe that we have been living in a unipolar system, with United State as the central domination. However, entering the twenty first century, China has stand up with strong economic development to be a new polar of super power. As Chinese market going strong, many believe that the Western era will soon be over. Following the rise of China’s economy and its behavior towards regional power, many arguments rise on whether China will rise peacefully or not. Seeing propaganda in the media, it is hard to say whether it will become a benefit or a threat. As one of the biggest market economy in dynamic region like East Asia, the rise of China as a big super power will unlikely to happen tranquilly. In respond …show more content…
The reason of concern arises from the hegemony strategy of China towards its regional territories including South China Sea and Senkaku Islands. Thus creates an assumption that if China became a superpower, it will allow China to conduct more hegemony action for its own economic benefit. According to research done by Mearsheimer (2014), offensive realism is a theory that used to describe the rise of China. He argue that if China is growing continuously, it will attempt to create domination and hegemony in Asia, while US and neighboring country will prevent China from attempting regional hegemony with possibility of war. Thus happened because of the offensive realism theory describes the goal of every great power country is to maximize its power and dominate the system (Mearsheimer, 2014). Beside economic growth, another factor that concern regional countries is military. Recent figures show an increasing annual expenditure by 15% for defense, moreover some reports of China’s increasing demand of weapons from Russia (Rajput, 2015). By the moving focus of China towards military slowly, creates a concern whether this could lead China to fix its position slowly but steady in dominating in region. According to research done by Rajput (2015), although China’s military is unlikely will become a threat, there is no guarantee for potential use military factors that could be triggered by factors indirectly related to military. Since China has controlling half economy of the world, for countries to seek a direct confrontation with China is the same like suicide, which makes regional countries more careful on taking

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