Rise Of China Essay

Over the past few decades, many people believe that we have been living in a unipolar system, with United State as the central domination. However, entering the twenty first century, China has stand up with strong economic development to be a new polar of super power. As Chinese market going strong, many believe that the Western era will soon be over. Following the rise of China’s economy and its behavior towards regional power, many arguments rise on whether China will rise peacefully or not. Seeing propaganda in the media, it is hard to say whether it will become a benefit or a threat. As one of the biggest market economy in dynamic region like East Asia, the rise of China as a big super power will unlikely to happen tranquilly. In respond to media, Chinese leaders clarify the situation by explaining the peaceful policies. But seeing the current hegemonic status of China, many people believe that China rise will create instability in the region. This research is important as China is the biggest market in East Asia, and the rise towards superpower will determine the stability in the region. By examining the rise of China, countries could decide what action should be taken for their own interest. …show more content…
This research is using a secondary research method, which is using original documents or other secondary sources of other research that has been previously conducted (Robson, 2007, p.88)
Research Questions
 How was the development of China into a rising superpower?
 What are the threats of the rise of China to other regional countries?
 What are the China’s peaceful rice policies towards the other countries?
 What are the regional countries’ views on the rise of China?

Main Argument
China’s position in global

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