Rise of the West Essay

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Critical Analysis: Rise of the West
There are many theories and ideas of how western civilization became the way it is today. While some scholars believe it is in one influence of another region, many others can argue that it is certainly just the way the world is supposed to work out. We, as humans, have no control over how our surrounding civilization will turn out nor would we be able to alter many thing that have happened in the past. Robert Marks provides his own examples and theories to prove that other regions such as India and China have a significant part in the outcome of the west. The ideas of Eurocentrism, contingency, accident theories and conjuncture are all theories that are mentioned throughout the narrative to allow
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Throughout the narrative the economy, industrialization, and political dominance of other regions were mentioned because of the G7 meetings. However, some of the questions that were not answered or asked were what about the other countries? As we all know the world is not mainly constituted of just Asia, Indian and Europe and although these are the biggest regions in the world, what other countries would account for the one third of the world? Marks uses examples from other economists such as Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, and David Ricardo, who believed that the development in the west was due to capitalism. Both economists Malthus and Ricardo believed that the expansion of Europe's economy would bring progress into the rest of the world, therefore creating an influence of European society into the new west.
When Marks opposes ideas from other sources, he does not provide a clear rebuttal in his stance therefore often times confusing the reader. He uses many examples of how Europe has become a large influence but does not back the claims through valid sources. He spends countless amount of time on defending his stance that other regions were also responsible for the outcome of the west but does not give full examples to back up what he says. There were three main concepts that he mentions that

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