Essay on Rise of Air Transport and Its Impact

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The Rise of Air Transport and its impact

on the Environment


Table of Content

1 Abstract 3

2 Introduction 3

3 HISTORY OF THE WORLD AIR transport 3 3.1 How it all began 3 3.2 ICAO and IATA-history and reality 4

4 Air Transportation and the Environment 5 4.1 Demand for Air Transport 5 4.2 Environmental Impact of Aviation 7 4.3 CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer 7 4.4 Aircraft Water Emission 9 4.5 Nitrogen Oxides 9 4.6 Impact of Aviation on Biodiversity 10 4.7 Noise Emissions and its impact on humans as well as biodiversity 11

5 Cost of Aviation on certain examples 11 5.1 Aviation Cost for exotic flowers 11 5.2
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3.1 How it all began

The Americans brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright made the world’s first flight in 1903. On the first airplane "Flyer 1" that they constructed was installed a homemade gasoline engine with 12 horsepower. The "flight" lasted 12 seconds and overcame only 36.5 meters. Nevertheless, it was the beginning of aviation, and America became home of the first airplane. After 5 years France became the leader in the aviation industry. During this time Russia started to develop its aviation industry as well.

The first world flight of four-engine aircraft «Russian Knights» took place in 1913. In early 1917, the country had 20 aircraft and engine plant, producing original and licensed aircraft. However, the greatest technical success was accompanied by the German Professor G. Junkers, whose company was able to create and run a series of first full-metal monoplane «J-1" - the prototype of all existing aircraft. Around the same period, at the opposite end of the Earth, in Seattle, on the Pacific coast of the U.S., a rich timber merchant William Boeing founded a company to produce light post hydroplanes, which today is the "Boeing" – one of the biggest plane producing companies used by almost all carriers in the world.

Perhaps the best proof of the conversion of the air transport device was nearly universal creation in the same period

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