Riordan 's The Lost Hero Essay

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Riordan is a bestselling author. He has many influences on why he started writing. Riordan also bases many book on mythology and gods and their family. Riordan 's distant style on how he writes, which separates him from other writers like Suzanne Collins. Many of Riordan 's books are popular he has novels; but also has illustrations books. Riordan 's books have great qualities and are very informational on the gods and mythical creatures. He gets very creative, which is another great quality. Riordan 's books are very relatable if you remove the mythical creatures trying to kill everybody. Many ways to get information is reviewing already published books. Interpreting the writing also helps understand the writer. Understanding the main points and getting only the required information is important. " The Lost Hero" is one of Riordan 's most famous book and reviewing it would gather information on his writing style.
Rick Riordan was born June 5, 1964 in San Antonio Texas. Rick got married to Becky and then proceeded to have two kids named Haley and Patrick.Rick and his family have one basenji/terrier mix dog named Speedy and three black cats. When Rick was "in high school he published an underground newspaper that made fun of the school, especially the losing football team(who later egged his car)"Rick started college at North Texas State University because he wanted to play the guitar player and the University has the best music program." "Rick studied English and history…

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