Rights Over Religion : Human Rights Essay examples

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Rights Over Religion: Human Rights in “Advise on the Choice of a Mistress” For some people, commitments are difficult to sustain in a marriage. In this generation, it is not abnormal to find families where the parents are divorced, detaching themselves from the vows they once made to their significant other. Many people find it difficult to commit themselves to one person over a long amount of time, possibly being unable to avoid affairs with other people along the way. During the literary era of Puritanism, it was disgraceful to take advantage of a partner in marriage or in any form of a relationship. However, the beginning of the Enlightenment creates the new concept that a person’s self values can be acceptable before their religious values. In this case, a person’s affairs can be more acceptable than the commitment to marriage. In the “Advice on the Choice of a Mistress” author Benjamin Franklin introduces the new principles of the Enlightenment when he explains how to commit an act of adultery-the right way. Benjamin Franklin’s advice on how to choose the right mistress reveals how Enlightenment principles result in new ideas that revoke religious values.
Before the Enlightenment and during the era of Puritanism, religion was a major part of everyday life. People concentrated on life after death, focusing on valued morals that would keep them pure. In the introduction of the “Advice on the Choice of a Mistress”, Benjamin Franklin’s explains how practicing moral…

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