Richard IIi : A Moral Hero Essay

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Richard III is set in a world filled with force, greed, and conflict with ethical order. In the eyes of the characters, locating a way to stay moral is very challenging. When it is noticed that people who aren’t moral and doing as they please are gaining success, staying moral is testing. Being a Christian helped some characters who were conflicted, stay moral. Most of the men that are fighting for power stay immoral because their vision is clouded with power. From a Christian standpoint, it is much easier staying moral because you know the rewards in heaven will be worth your struggle on Earth, while the power-hungry men are just focused on the present, which in Richard’s case, resulted in their ultimate demise. As a christian, it is believed that if you serve God on Earth, and follow what the Bible tells you to do, you will be rewarded for eternity in heaven. For christians, eternity “is thought to be the realm where time goes on and on, non-stop, ad infinitum, into which one enters after death.” (Salisbury) This said, not all of the characters think about this future of eternal life. “The few who make it to heaven strum their harps and walk streets of gold with Jesus and all the happy saints.” (Salisbury) The setting of Richard III is England in the late 1400’s and Christianity is a common religion. Richard is a self-made villain who wants to be king, and will lie, cheat, and steal to get to the top. He is very immoral and kills people as if it were sport, which seems to…

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