Essay Rhyme Scheme, By William Shakespeare

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When people communicate with each other, how someone says something is just as important as to what they said, this applies to writing literature as well. In literature, the form is extremely important for it helps to contribute to the content. For example, poetry is a form that enables the writer to write about suppressed feelings and complex emotions unlike any other form of writing. Also, poetry gives the reader a new way at looking at things. By offering a new perspective, it creates new ideas for the reader to explore. Another way poetry helps the development of the content is by the use of a rhyme scheme. Rhyme scheme offers a unique experience by letting the reader know what is to come. In poetry, everything that is written in poetry is written deliberately, and each word is carefully selected with a purpose or intent. Writers have a message they want to communicate, and what poetry does is it challenges the writer to stay within the guidelines which encourages the writer to think outside the box. William Shakespeare’s sonnet 130, is a great example of how form contributes to the content. Form is important because it deals with how something is said compared to just the words that was said. Typically, the topics that are discussed in poetry deal with emotions that are hard to understand. Writing about topics and issues that people do not fully comprehend, challenges one to create new ideas and have a different perspective; William Shakespeare’s sonnet 130 is a great…

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