Essay on Rhetorical Analysis : The Same Old Song By Cal Thomas

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Rhetorical Devices Used in Obama sings the same old song
Obama sings the same old song written by Cal Thomas for the Washington Times is a criticism on President Obama’s approach to welfare. Cal’s main audiences with this writing are readers of the Washington times and Republicans. Cal Thomas disagrees with President Obama’s approach to poverty, he believes that it has already not worked for long enough and we should try a new approach. He uses many rhetorical tools throughout this piece such as: statistics and facts, personal experience, and selective information. To start off the essay Cal uses facts and statistics to back up his opinion. He says, “Since the advent of modern "anti-poverty" programs 50 years ago, according to an analysis by the Heritage Foundation, ‘U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs.’” (Thompson). He uses this fact with a credible source to give the reader an idea of just how unsuccessful it has been thus far. He believes that since these programs have been wildly unsuccessful so far, maybe we should try a different approach. He uses the rhetorical tool very effectively. Cal sets the reader up to think about the facts that he presented and makes his audience question what they think they know. He also does a good job of presenting these statistics at the beginning of the reading so as to encourage the reader to keep the stats in the front of their mind throughout the entire article. He sets up the mindset he wants the…

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