Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The King 's Speech ' Essay

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In The King’s Speech, Bertie, who ends up becoming King George VI of England, suffers from a severe speech impediment that impacts his ability to complete his responsibility as a Duke of York. Together, Lionel, a speech therapist, and Bertie work to overcome Bertie’s speech impediment, which in the end allows him to successfully capture the country’s approval of his ability to effectively fulfill his position as King George VI of England. The King’s Speech includes a variety of realistic examples of persuasive techniques that can be supported by a few of the concepts discussed throughout the course of this semester.
The first persuasive scene noticed in the film could be characterized as an example of pure persuasion and is when a speech therapist instructs Bertie to speak with a mouth filled with glass marbles. Bertie’s wife sees this and challenges the effectiveness of this technique. The doctor then attempts to persuade her of the usefulness of this activity by mentioning the credibility of this technique. He basis the credibility of the marbles on the fact that it was a technique that was successfully used in Ancient Greece; however, his reasoning failed to persuade Bertie’s wife and Bertie seeing that he walked out of the therapy without completing the activity. The use of credibility would have been a useful tool in attempting to support the technique the doctor used; however, the credibility of the technique seemed to be low because its successes were so dated, which…

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