Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama 's Determination Essay

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For this election it is Important for the candidate to prove that they are determined and have positive interests for the United States, to make it move forward and become better. In the “Determination” ad by President Obama it shows qualities to the viewers that prove him to be the best fit for the position. The advertisement does just that and gives the viewers what they want to hear. The advertisement persuades the viewers to vote for President Obama. The ad uses a series of rhetorical strategies to come across and grab the viewers’ attention. In the “Determination” ad it shows that President Obama is a trustworthy person, caring when it comes to the people and economy, uses inductive reasoning to prove President Obama will prosper with his ideas, and the metaphor “there is no quit in America and your seeing that right now.” In the “Determination” ad it portrays President Obama to be a trustworthy person. It shows how in his last four years he did a lot to make the United States a better place to live in. The “Determination” ad shows that in his last years he did many things such as bring back the auto industry, home values rising and more. He hasn’t let down the people and why stop trusting him this far. People need guidance and President Obama does just that. He guides the American people and makes the United States better for them. This is what makes him trustworthy because people look to him for guidance and for leadership. Fowles in his essay “Advertising’s 15 Basic…

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