Rhetorical Analysis Of Lincoln 's Speech Essay

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As his second term as President of the United States began, Abraham Lincoln faced a deeply divided country in the midst of a civil war. Lincoln uses a myriad of rhetorical strategies in his speech. Lincoln’s diction, tone, and syntax help to achieve his purpose of uniting the nation. Clearly, we see he is speaking to both the North and South as his audience. He continually uses words plural pronouns: “both, us, we, neither, each” to help us understand who his audience is.
Lincoln’s positive diction creates a feeling of unity and forgiveness with words like “bind up” and “peace.” Lincoln uses the words “bind up” and “peace” to express the direction in which he hopes the nation will go. A path of healing and reconciliation is what Lincoln wants for his nation. “Bind up” expresses the emotion of healing not only the personal wounds suffered by the American people, but also the wounds of the nation in it’s entirety. Lincoln also speaks of a “lasting peace,” which he hopes will come upon the nation. After the “binding” of the nation’s wounds, then “lasting peace” will follow, as will the unity of the nation.
Lincoln’s optimistic tone encourages all American to finish the Civil War and progress as a nation, calling the American people to action with sentences like, “let us strive on to finish the work we are in and “to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace.”
Lincoln’s tone is cautiously optimistic: he wishes to finish the war and move past the issue of…

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