Rhetorical Analysis Of `` Common Sense `` By Thomas Paine Essay

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"Common Sense" was one of the most important pieces of literature in early America, because it was extremely influential to many people throughout all American colonies. The colonist came to America to escape religious boundaries. They wanted to be able to worship God freely. Thomas Paine uses this to his advantage by using scriptural quotes, pathos, to convince his audience that it is common sense for the colonists to break completely with Great Britain. He says that "a monarchy is terrible, and to have a king is not only an unsuccessful way to rule a nation, but it is also a sin." Paine undermines the king in his writing by using rhetorical devices to help destroy America 's loyalty to the king.

The monarchy can make anything look appealing by seeming professional and confident in appearance. No matter how unjust something may seem, a few well spoken words can make it seem accurate when it is not. Paine reiterates this on page five lines thirteen through sixteen by saying "Our eyes may be dazzled with show, or ears deceived by sound; however prejudice may warp our wills, or interest darken our understanding, the simple voice of nature and of reason will say it is right." Our eyes and ears will deceive our heart and mind. The simple voice of reason is our conscience. The monarchy wants to reach those inner depths of your mind, for if they can they will tell the subjects of the monarchy what is right and wrong to gain your loyalty.

Paine uses pathos on several occasions…

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