Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama 's Speech Essay examples

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People is always looking for something better in life. Whether it is just for themselves or for a communal benefit they will always be in the search for happiness. Barack Obama stated this clearly in the 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address where he let people know what actions they must take in order to get the best from their country, looking for ways to improve in society, and always look towards the hopes and opportunities that a country give us and what we can do for that country in return. This is very important because people always work hard in order to maintain the stability of this country and they face sacrifices in order to get the opportunities that this country promise them. Obama uses anecdotes to analyze John Kerry’s ethos, logos pathos to get to the point his is trying to convey and with this information encourage the people to take action to get what they deserve by working together because this are the United States of America.
The problem at stake in Obama’s speech is the fact that many citizens are having problems developing a better life in this country. They are struggling in an economically competitive society, they were feeling insecurity because of prior events before the speech and many of them are left in the dust with not a single glance of hope even though they work as hard as they can to be prosper and happy. There are also people that are struggling with the changes that society make them do either for political issues and or…

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