Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama And The Issue Of Racism

740 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
2016 has to me been a year, like in 2008 when seemingly the veil that America places on their issues is pulled back. In 2008 during the presidential race we saw some unfair treatment of Barack Obama and the issue of racism which never left the U.S come back to the forefront in the media. Now in this election in 2016 we see the issue of sexism in American culture and society coming to the light with Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The main culprit with this seems to be Republican nominee Donald Trump. At every turn thee seems to be a belittlement of Hillary simply because she is a women and the one with the biggest foot in his mouth but still able to talk is Donald Trump. Recently Roger Ailes of Fox news was accused of years of sexual harassment and was given 40 million dollars by fox to just leave. Many women have filed lawsuits and over the years he created a hostile work zone that demeaned women and as the article called him a, “sexual predator” who for exchange of sexual favors would hire and promote women in Fox. Donald Trump in response to this said, "I can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, I know how much he 's helped them,". Donald Trump in this statement is both condoning the actions of Ailes and demeaning the worth of those women as people and as employees. He is acting as if the women did something wrong by calling Ailes on his behavior and saying it’s just fine since he gave them a job that he sexually harassed them.
Trump would go…

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