Essay on Review Of ' The Ones Who Walk Away From The '

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Many people have an idea of what Science fiction is, but are unfamiliar with the necessary underlining aspects that create an exceptional sci-fi story. In Farah Mendlesohn’s essay,“Introduction: reading science fiction”, he thoroughly explains what Sci-fi is exactly and all of it’s senses of wonders. Mendlesohn describes “sense of wonder” as the “emotional heart of sci-fi” because it is much more that just a piece of writing; science fiction is a story that comes to life. Ursula K. Le Guin, displays that she has a profound understanding of Mendlesohn’s definition for sci-fi through her work. Le Guin’s story, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”, fits perfectly within the parameters that Mendlesohn details, by mastering the key senses of wonder such as unfamiliarity, cognitive estrangement, consequences, and romance with the universe, all which is noted in Mendlesohn’s definition of Science Fiction. Even though Le Guin’s piece was written back in the 1970’s, the senses of wonder that she utilizes are still recognizable and are constantly seen in modern day sci-fi. Using Mendlesohn’s sense of unfamiliarity, Le Guin attempts to describe the city of Omelas to her readers, but has a difficult time expressing herself, because the environment of this fictional city is polar opposite compared to the environment that her audience lives in. In Mendelsohn’s text he explains this unfamiliar sense that Le Guin applies in her story, saying, “The tone was primarily descriptive, the…

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