Essay about Review Of ' The Christmas Season '

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During the Christmas season, gingerbread has become a traditional holiday dessert that comes in many forms; however, gingerbread was not created in response to Christmas celebrations. Instead, gingerbread became popular due to its medicinal ingredients and its social connotations. Medieval gingerbread consisted of ginger, honey, and breadcrumbs, which created a high calorie dish that would become the holiday classic society knows today. Ginger originated in Southeast Asia where it was popular for its bitter taste (Habeb 53). Ginger became so important to Chinese cuisine that The Analects mentions, “He [Confucius] did not go without ginger in eating.” In the thirteenth century, ginger became one of the first spices to be introduced to Europe by Marco Polo. Once the black plague began to spread across Europe, officials were desperate to find a cure for this highly contagious disease. Due the high death rate in his nation, King Philippe VI of France ordered the country’s best medical professionals to find a cure. According to Jong Kuk, “… they recommended that people should avoid bad and evil air ascending from the South, and to eliminate that bad air with smoke by burning spices or aromatic plants” (Jong Kuk 319-320). Ginger was one of these spices to be burned to destroy the “bad air.” In addition to treating black plague victims, ginger was popular in treating other illnesses. Le Livre des Simples Medecines, a French pharmacology book, states, “Item, the wine in which…

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