Review Of Marilynne Robinson 's Housekeeping Essay

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Within society, there are many types of housekeepers. There are the cleaners, those who run the household, and those who keep the family together. All types of housekeepers have been seen throughout the ages. They are also able to be seen throughout the story Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. In the story Housekeeping the cleaner of the family was the mother, Helen then the grandmother, then it was Lucille and lastly it was Sylvie. Helen kept the apartment clean enough so that her two children didn’t worry about clean clothes or ratty hair. The grandmother kept the house clean because she had a particular schedule and didn’t like deviation. Lucille really only did the cleaning so that she would get out all of her embarrassment of having her aunt fall asleep on the bench. Lastly Sylvie does a special kind of cleaning; she uses old cans, leaves tea towels in a solution for weeks and airs out the house regularly. These differ from how it is in modern times, the cleaners are the owners of the household or a cleaning crew depending on the owners income. Generally the person who runs a household would be the adult or the authority figure. That was true for the first three adults who took care of Lucille and Ruth. Helen, their birth mother, ran their household from the time Ruth and Lucille got up until they went to bed. However, when she thought they were asleep, she would completely zone out and not pay attention to anything around her. The grandmother managed to keep…

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